Umbrellas In Mint Umbrellas In Mint
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Liner Notes

Umbrellas in Mint, features twelve songs to which I wrote words and music on two continents in two great cities, Paris and New York. Eight songs are new and four songs I have previously recorded. Salty and Blue (I Don’t Believe In Romance) is an ironic lament spiked with limerick that materialized into an old-time radio swing tune. A Billion Stars Ago (In the Shadow of a Crow) was born when a bird crossing my window in a mercurial weather pattern, cast a dark shadow while lunging into a portentous Paris sky. What About You? was begun in Paris when speckled views of the Champ de Mars, like dots from Seurat or gleaming flashes in a Starry Night over Notre Dame, illicited a rush of excited reportage that evolved into lyrics. The Hudson Bay Inn conjures the saw dust bars of the battery once so deserted and is inspired by the songs of Brecht and Weill. Umbrellas in Mint is the tale of a bad boy with a streak of good on the lam. Tim is a tribute to a brilliant actor and dancer who taught a transcendent dance class. Let Us Go Then alludes to memorable works that have resided in my consciousness and fueled the song. It begins with the reference to The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock. Under the Paris Moon, (Manhattan Under the Paris Moon) is a series of reflections from a well traveled protagonist merging cities on two continents, new beginnings haunted by old endings, in a procession of surreal dislocation. At The Closing of the Fair is for every soul who waits by the awning in untarnished hope for an end to old abandonments. A guy once said, “you know how some people put their coins in jars? Well I put mine in Old Shoes!.” Southern Starlight (Charleston For You) was the title song to my last release, performed with keyboard synth, and I have since re-recorded it with a full band. The program ends with Quarters and Dimes, an inner monologue that comes streaming on during housework. With many thanks to the musicians for their beautiful interpretations of these songs. -Lisa Kirchner 2012