Charleston For You by Lisa Kirchner Charleston For You by Lisa Kirchner

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Liner Notes

This is a compilation album made up of tracks I recorded in the late 90’s.The Man I Love, was recorded live at Birdland. The album features some of New York’s finest musicians, inspired and seasoned pros in jazz, pop,classical, rock and theater music, with whom I have been so pleased to collaborate, and whose paths crossed mine early on in music. The song narratives follow the heart on its journey through a jungle of romance and psychology in several languages, traversing the Amazon, haunting the streets of Pigalle, and illuminating the Berkeley sky from the San Francisco Bay to Riverside Drive in cinematic overlay. Phat Hat, was impelled, one hot summer night on Broadway, by a girl leaning against a lamp post in a large brimmed hat. I thought, “she’s grooving in a phat hat.” Weeks later for the first time, I heard the expression “phat.” Thanks to Mac Rebennack, “Dr. John”, for kindly providing the lyrics, years ago, and inspiring the performance of Marie Laveau, the tale of a hair dresser rumored to practice spells, buried at night,and dubbed the Voodoo Queen. I am grateful to Galt MacDermot for generously collaborating on, performing, and recording six songs with me, after our run of his show, The Human Comedy, at the Public Theater and on Broadway. Three songs are featured on this album, and three on the forthcoming sequel. The bayou fueled Blue By the River (Port of New Orleans.) Jesse, written by Janis Ian, and permeating the air waves in the days of Be-Ins on the Cambridge Common, and my own song, Charleston For You, animated by a window view of the Hudson River and the Pallasades at dusk, are songs my parents loved. I sang them for their memorial services – Jesse for my mother, Gertrude Kirchner, and Charleston For You, for my father, Leon Kirchner. With gratitude, as always, to the musicians for their imagination, sublime expertise, and a labyrinth of musical memories I may now share with you in this eclectic brew – Lisa Kirchner 2012