Dear Colleagues and Friends of Verdant World Records:

Thank you for your interest in Verdant World Records. Lisa Kirchner founded the label in 2012. The Verdant World Records catalog is represented by the three most recent albums in two series’ she began in 2000, which include all in all, eleven albums to date, eight of which were leased for inclusion in the catalog of Albany Records, from 2000 to 2011, and three of which were released in 2012-13 on Verdant World Records.

From these two series’, six albums are solo vocal jazz albums by Lisa Kirchner, whose multi genre albums feature appearances by topflight jazz, classical and pop musicians, and five albums are recordings of works by Leon Kirchner, a Pulitzer Prize composer and recipient of the Academy of Arts and Letters Gold Medal in Music. Leon Kirchner’s music is performed by the world class artists who championed his music, many of whom commissioned the works recorded. Leon Kirchner is published by Associated Music Press (Music Sales/G. Schirmer)

Verdant World Records releases to date include, Leon Kirchner Revelations, Lisa Kirchner Charleston For You and Lisa Kirchner Umbrellas In Mint. Verdant World Record has international digital distribution with Naxos, and distributes physical albums along with, CD Baby and its distributors worldwide.

To arrange educational, library, or student discounts, to be on the mailing list, or to see about live concerts and programs, please write to: info@verdant You may reach Verdant World Records at 917-338-6057. Verdant World Records is located in New York City.